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Indigenous Varieties of Cows – Go:Seva (Go: Sa:la) 

Go:sa:la (Cowshed) was started during Jeeyar Satha:bdi Celebrations in May 2009 and now regularised. There are at present 75 cows, 75 calves and several buffaloes, all from the pure native varieties.

Cow is the form of all the Devatha:s.  Cow is the replica of Mother Earth.  Every part of the cow is divine. Worshipping cow bestows all  virtues and eradicates all sins.

• Protecting the indigenous breeds
• Protecting the old and neglected cows
• Preserving the available original breeds
• Producing cow products with their medicinal values
• Encouraging the use or organic products
• Increasing awareness about the importance of cow
• Increasing awareness of miraculous medicinal properties of cow products

A walk-through:
Prior to independence we had 72 species. In 65 years we lost 65% of the species. We have only 26 species of original indigenous breeds. Rests of the species are either corrupted or lost.
Species – Male/Female Calves – statistics JIVA

Relevance of Cow:
Milk is one of the products we get from cow. Most of the people think it is the only product but milk is only one part of the whole. The cow urine and cow dung if added to soil, the fertility of soil increases and the richness of the soil will be maintained.

Phosphorous content from the cows will be more. The vibrations that their body emit are very powerful to keep the atmosphere around pure. So to maintain a cow, is always healthy to the keeper.

It is said that taking milk from hybrid or jersey cows is as good as taking the milk from a pig or a donkey. A common opinion about milk, yoghurt, ghee is they increase wrong cholesterol. Lower Density Cholesterol – LDC. It may be true with other types of milk, but if milk from the indigenous cow is taken High density cholesterol increases. Also the yoghurt formed by cultured milk of this kind also gives good health. Common practice of making butter is from raw milk. This is wrong. It is like extracting juice from unripe mango which causes health hazards. The milk drawn from these types of cows, boiled properly then cooled and cultured. The butter churned from this should be boiled to form ghee. This ghee not only increases the age by protecting the health but also removes the LDC if any. So the source of milk should be proper and that milk should be treated according to the recommended norm. So if a cow is there with a family the products of the cow themselves will be able to support tat family for self sustenance.

Atharva Veda said “Aayu paya”
The cow products are named as Aayu as they increase span of life and promote good health. Hence we named the products ‘ Áayu’.

Aayu Products:
Aayu products are made from pure Indian breeds. Attharva Veda explicitly dealt with the medicinal values of cow’s products. Our rishis have researched over the years and handed us the secrets of staying healthy using organic products.
The cow dung and urine are processed as per the prescribed process to benefit from the organic, miraculous medicines providing cure ranging from common colds to cancer. They act on balancing the energies in our body. These products have anti- oxidant, anti-toxic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties and also decrease the side effects of other medicines. It has been proved that these products cure the various ailments in our body such as kidney stones, gall stones, skin allergies, cardiac problems, nervous system discrepancies, digestion disorders, common colds etc.

Aayu Shampoo, Aayu Ksheerambuhu, Aayu Toothpowder, Aayu Charmarakshak – ointment for skin allergies, Aayu soap, Aayu Antibacterial floor liquid, Aayu facepack.

Donation & Go:Pu:ja:
Supporting cows with grass, feed and health care etc., is highly revered in all our Scriptures. It is a great virtue to serve the cows and their family and their generations will be blessed by all the Gods.
Worshipping the cow blesses all our generations to flourish. You, your family, generations, your relations, all are benefited.
Don’t you think Go:Puja is great? If you feel like doing something, you are welcome. Here are the avenues to participate, facilities to serve.
Details of Donation for Go:samrakshana:
Daily: Rs.151/-
Monthly:  Rs.3500/-

Go:Puja Rs.1116 (Rs.516/- for Puja and Rs.600 for material cost approx)
You need to attend the Puja with traditional Dress i.e Ladies with Sarees, Gents with Dhothi and Upper Cloth

Those interested to do go:seva or get Go:pu:ja done may Contact:
Smt. Nagalakshmi: 9490376824
Sriman Ranga Raju: 9866182447

Bank Name: Andhra Bank

Branch Name: JIVA Campus

Account Name: Goseva

Account No: 209710100008197

IFSC Code: ANDB 0002097

JIVA Office at 9553549971 or 72 (or) Donate Online

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