Cow Dung (Go:mayam)

  • Cow dung when dried and burned has anti-radiation and anti-pollution properties and purifies the environment of toxic gases and also radiation. The anti-pollution property was proved in the Bhopal gas tragedy in Madhya Pradesh state involving Union Carbide Company (now Dow Chemical Company) where poisonous gases got leaked and several thousands of people died, but one family which used cow dung  every day survived this tragedy because cow dung has anti-radiation and anti-poisonous gases properties and cleans up the environment for some distance.
  • Cow dung has antibiotic/antibacterial effect and that is why it is used for spraying in front of houses (called kallapi in Telugu) and also plastering the walls and floors of mud houses (illu alukuta in Telugu) even today in villages in Bharath which helps prevent mosquitoes, insects, microbes, etc coming into the houses.
  • Cow dung when dried and burned will repel insects and mosquitoes thereby protecting us from certain diseases. Since recently, mosquito coils and mosquito-repellent liquids made from cow dung are available in the market.
  • Cow dung is used to make daily use consumer products like dant manjan (tooth powder to clean teeth), body soaps, etc.