Buttermilk (Thakra or Thakram)

Buttermilk (Thakra or Thakram in Sanskrit):

Yogurt is liquefied, diluted with water,    and churned to segregate butter and the leftover liquid is called buttermilk. Some of the beneficial properties of buttermilk as described in Ayurveda are:

  • As described by the following verse from Ayurvedic text “Ashtanga Samgraha” by Maharshi Vagbhata, the main properties of buttermilk are laghu (easy to digest), kasaya (astringent) and amla (sour) in rasa (taste), dipana (digestive), kaphavatahara (destroys kapha and vata), and cures zopha (buttermilk is considered as the best among those substances which cure zopha/swelling; however curd creates swelling), udara (enlarged abdomen), arsa(piles/haemorrhoids), grahanidosa(duodenal disease/disorder), mutragraha (suppression of urine), aruci (loss of appetite/taste), gulma (gaseous and hemorrhagic lumps of abdomen), puha (enlargement of spleen), ghrtavyapad (bad effects of indiscriminate use of ghee), gara and pandu (disease conditions identified by pallor).
  • Buttermilk is better for daily consumption than curd/yogurt and buttermilk lightly heated after adding a pinch of turmeric, coriander leaves or curry leaves, ginger, etc is extremely good for health especially when taken after lunch.
  • Buttermilk has usna veerya or hot in potency, i.e., it has heating effect on the body and is therefore good in winter season to keepup body heat though not so good for spring, summer and autumn;
  • Butter Milk has binding quality (grahi) because of which it is used as a supporting medicine in diarrhea and dysentery to create a constipating effect.
  • Butter Milk has the property of making obese people lean and is good for those having higher cholesterol levels and suffering from heart problems.
  • As per Ayurvedic text “Ashtanga Samgraha” by Maharshi Vagbhata, in conditions of rhinitis (running nose because of virus infection like common cold or allergies), dyspnoea, and cough, buttermilk processed with spices is ideal and bland buttermilk should be avoided.
  • As said in Ayurvedic text “Ashtanga Samgraha” by Maharshi Vagbhata, regular use of buttermilk is best among the remedies which cure haemorrhoids (piles), swelling and duodenal disorders.