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Worshiping cow bestows all virtues, eradicates all sins.

Protect a Cow, Protect Mother Earth

Cow is the form of all the Devathas.

Cow Symbolises Mother Earth

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Aayu Toothpowder

Aayu Toothpowder

Ingredients: Aayu Toothpowder made with Amla, karakkai, thani kai (generally Ayurvedic medicine called Triphala churna contains these 3 ingredients only), cloves, black pepper, sphatika, geru (red soil), saindhava lavanam, karpuram, cow dung ash.

Benefits of Aayu Toothpowder:

  • Cures gum swelling
  • Cures toothache
  • Prevents  tooth decay
  • Removes bad odor in the mouth
  • Effective against germ build-up
  • Long shelf life
  • Long lasting freshness

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