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Aayu Face-Pack

Aayu Face-Pack This is a beauty care product. Ingredients: Aayu Toothpowder made with Cow dung powder, Multani Mitti, gaer (red soil), karakkai, sataavari or satavaari, gandha karchuralu, kasthuri turmeric, vasa. Benefits of Aayu Toothpowder : Cures pimples and spots. Conditions the skin and increases the glow. Related [...]

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Aayu Charma Rakshaka

Aayu Charma Rakshaka Ingredients: Cow dung ash, Gomuthra Ksharamu, mylu thothamu, petroleum gel. Benefits : Cures black heads and spots. Cures allergies and rashes. Cures swelling. Cures skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis Cures external wounds Related Products Aayu Shampoo Aayu Go Rasam [...]

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Aayu Toothpowder

Aayu Toothpowder Aayu Toothpowder Ingredients: Aayu Toothpowder made with Amla, karakkai, thani kai (generally Ayurvedic medicine called Triphala churna contains these 3 ingredients only), cloves, black pepper, sphatika, geru (red soil), saindhava lavanam, karpuram, cow dung ash. Benefits of Aayu Toothpowder: Cures gum swelling Cures toothache Prevents  tooth decay Removes bad [...]

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Aayu Shampoo

Aayu Shampoo Aayu Shampoo Ingredients: This Aayu Shampoo made with mixture of soap nuts, shikakai, amla, methi, tulasi, gunta garaga aaku (bangra/bangara), fresh lemons, SLS (for lather) in cow urine and boiled in the same cow urine and then strained to get proper consistency. Benefits : This Aayu shampoo helps in reducing [...]

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Aayu Go: rasam

Aayu Go: rasam Aayu Go: rasam Go: rasam is fresh Go: panchakam (cow urine or Go: mu:thra) filtered and distilled along with Thulasi (Indian Basil) leaves. This distilled cow urine is popularly known as Go: Ark in Ayurveda. We collect fresh Go: panchakam from female indigenous cows only (not from Jerseys, Holstein-Friesian, [...]

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Go:puja & Go:da:nam (cows)

Go:puja & Go:da:nam (cows) Go:puja:s and Go:da:nas Go:puja is a ritual of worshipping  Go:ma:tha (cow) along with her calf.  Go:puja  fulfills the  wishes and removes hardships of the devotee who performs it. Suggested donation for Go:puja is Rs. 516 Go:da:nam means donating a cow (Go:ma:tha) along with her calf. Go:da:nam  liberates the donor and his [...]

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Services Feeding the Cows In JIVA Go:sala and Sitanagaram Go:sala cows, bulls, oxen and calves are offered three types of feed and fodder daily. Dana is a kind of feed given in the morning around 6 AM. The contents of dana include thoor dal husk, rice bran, wheat husk, [...]


Challenges to Protect Cows

Plight of Go:ma:tha in Bharath Today and the Urgent Need to Protect Her Today cow is badly neglected and is in a sorrowful state of existence: Because of lack of forests and pastures due to human population explosion, stray cows live and roam on the roads in cities and [...]

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Importance of Go: Products

Importance of Go: Products in Daily Life Milk is one of the products we get from cow.  Most of the people think it is the only product but milk is only one part of the whole.  The cow urine and cow dung if added to soil, the fertility of [...]

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Importance of Gomatha

Importance of Gomatha The cow is called “Gow” in Samskrit. The holy scriptures of Sana:thana Dharma including the Rig Veda, the Yajurveda, the Upanishads, and the Pura:na:s refer the cow as “Gomatha” (meaning “Cow - the Mother”). They extol the importance of Gomatha in the Vedic way of [...]

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