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Aayu Products

Aayu Products JIVA Aayu Products (Cow-Based Medicines) We started manufacturing Ayurvedic products from cow dung and cow urine mixed with some other Ayurvedic herbs in our go:sa:la in 2012 after receiving training at Go: Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra at Nagpur, Maharashtra. Aayu is the brand name of our cow-based Ayurvedic products. The Attharva [...]

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We’d Love to Hear From You, Get In Touch With Us! Contact Information JIVA, Sriramnagaram, Muchintal Road, Palmakol P.O. Samshabad, HYDERABAD 509325 Contact: Naga Lakshmi - 9490376824 Email: jiva@chinnajeeyar.org Jeeyar Educational Trust Sithanagaram, Guntur Dist. 522501 Andhra Pradesh, India Tel: 011-91-8645-272929



Choose the Country You Would Donate From Your tax-deductible contributions will make a real difference. We depend on the generosity of donors like you to continue to our services to the safeguard our traditions and culture. Every drop counts. Online Donation For [...]



Departed souls will be relieved from the hells and from a treacherous river “Vaitharini” by doing Go danam. The devathas in the cow will take care of the soul. Any time.   Can be done on special occasions sanctifying the events like marriage, birth, festivals such as Krishna:shtami/Janma:shtami and special personal/family occasions like birthdays, [...]


Cow Dung (Go:mayam)

Cow Dung (Go:mayam) Cow dung when dried and burned has anti-radiation and anti-pollution properties and purifies the environment of toxic gases and also radiation. The anti-pollution property was proved in the Bhopal gas tragedy in Madhya Pradesh state involving Union Carbide Company (now Dow Chemical Company) where poisonous gases got leaked and several thousands [...]

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Cow Urine(Go:Panchakam)

Cow Urine(Go:Panchakam) In Veda,   the products of cow have been compared with the nectar (Rig-Veda 10.15 pp. 47). In Ayurveda cow’s urine is one of the ingredients of Panchagavya. According to Susruthi, cow’s urine has several medicinal properties. Its properties are also described by Charak (Solka-100) in his work Charaka Samhitha. Cow’s urine is extensively [...]

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Cow Ghee (Ghritham)

Cow Ghee (Ghritham) Cow Ghee (Ghritham in Sanskrit): Ghee is a clarified form of butter obtained by heating the butter and removing the sediments. Ghee is commonly used in many recipes and also in various Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda says that just like we offer ghee into the sacrificial fire of Yagna ritual to keep [...]

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Buttermilk (Thakra)

Buttermilk (Thakra or Thakram) Buttermilk (Thakra or Thakram in Sanskrit): Yogurt is liquefied, diluted with water,    and churned to segregate butter and the leftover liquid is called buttermilk. Some of the beneficial properties of buttermilk as described in Ayurveda are: As described by the following verse from Ayurvedic [...]

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Cow Curd or Yogurt (Dahi)

Cow Curd or Yogurt (Dadhi) Cow Curd or Yogurt (Dadhi): Curd or yogurt is    made by boiling milk and then adding yeast or a little curd when the boiled milk cools down to luke warm temperature and leaving it for a few hours undisturbed. Some of the benefits of cow yogurt are: [...]

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Cow Milk (Kshi:ram/Dugdam)

Cow Milk (Kshi:ram/Dugdam) Cow Milk (Kshi:ram/Dugdam): Cow milk is the first among various cow products used in Ayurveda in numerous ways with numerous benefits. Ashtang Sangraha, an ancient text of Ayurveda by Maharshi Vagbhata, has a complete section called Ksheer Varga that describes milk and milk products and Ayurveda identifies milk from Indian breeds [...]

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