It is true……

Worshiping cow bestows all virtues, eradicates all sins.

Protect a Cow, Protect Mother Earth

Cow is the form of all the Devathas.

Cow Symbolises Mother Earth

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Aayu Shampoo

Aayu Shampoo

Ingredients: This Aayu Shampoo made with mixture of soap nuts, shikakai, amla, methi, tulasi, gunta garaga aaku (bangra/bangara), fresh lemons, SLS (for lather) in cow urine and boiled in the same cow urine and then strained to get proper consistency.

Benefits : This Aayu shampoo helps in reducing

  • Hair fall
  • Dandruff
  • White/Grey hair
  • This shampoo helps as conditioner also

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